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Cranfield University

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As the UK’s only exclusively postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships is creating leaders in technology and management globally.



Our Mission

We are creating leaders in technology and management, unlocking the potential of people and organisations by partnering with business and governments to deliver transformational research, postgraduate education and professional development.


Our Corporate Plan

The corporate plan provides a focus for the effective engagement of the entire Cranfield community towards the realisation of our mission: to create leaders in technology and management. We have identified four strategic priorities, informed by our staff, students, alumni and business partners, which will continue to be our focus over the next three years:

1. To provide a premier learning experience that enhances the capabilities of individuals and their organisations.

2. To be recognised for outstanding transformational research that meets the needs of business, government and wider society.

3. To grow an efficient, effective and sustainable enterprise.

4. To be renowned for our impact and influence - regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our World-Class Facilities

1. Technical Facilities

We have a wealth of technical specialist facilities and equipment to help with your research project or business improvement plan. Many of these are world-class, large-scale and unique to Cranfield

2. Physical Facilities

Our on campus physical facilities include an off-road dynamics facility which enables the study of all aspects of machine interaction with surfaces and technologies for carbon capture.

3. Virtual Facilities

We have a range of testing environments which use computer technology to examine virtual scenarios.

4. Resources

We offer a range of resources such as guest speakers, research capability, training and development and unique archives and data sets.

5. Bespoke Facilities

The specialist and focused nature of our research means that new, bespoke facilities and pieces of equipment are often required in support. Cranfield has the capability to design and build these.


Courses Available

Arts & Design

  • Design and Innovation for Sustainability MDes
  • Design of Rotating Machines MSc
  • Design, Strategy and Leadership MDes
  • Digital Design and Strategic Communication MDes
  • Gun Systems Design MSc
  • Innovation and Creativity in Industry MDes
  • Innovation and Creativity in Industry MDes
  • Structural Design option - MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design

Built Environment

  • Land Reclamation and Restoration MSc
  • Power, Propulsion and the Environment option - MSc in Thermal Power


  • Cleantech Entrepreneurship MSc


  • Economics for Natural Resource and Environmental Management MSc


  • Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc
  • Aerospace Computational Engineering MSc
  • Aerospace Dynamics MSc
  • Aerospace Manufacturing MSc
  • Aerospace Materials MSc
  • Aerospace Vehicle Design MSc
  • Aircraft Engineering MSc
  • Airworthiness MSc
  • Astronautics and Space Engineering MSc
  • Automotive Engineering MSc
  • Automotive Mechatronics MSc
  • Avionic Systems Design option - MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design
  • Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering MSc
  • Computer Aided Engineering MSc
  • Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc
  • Environmental Engineering MSc
  • Explosive Ordnance Engineering MSc
  • Forensic Engineering and Science MSc
  • Full-time|Part-time Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control MSc
  • Geothermal Engineering MSc
  • Military Electronic Systems Engineering MSc
  • Military Vehicle Technology MSc
  • Offshore and Ocean Technology with Offshore Materials Engineering MSc
  • Offshore and Ocean Technology with Pipeline Engineering MSc
  • Offshore and Ocean Technology with Subsea Engineering MSc
  • Process Systems Engineering MSc
  • Renewable Energy Engineering MSc
  • Rotating Machinery, Engineering and Management option - MSc in Thermal Power
  • Software Engineering for Technical Computing MSc
  • Systems Engineering for Defence Capability MSc
  • Vehicle and Weapon Engineering (USA)
  • Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc
  • Water Processes - Advanced Professional Master
  • Water Processes - Advanced Professional Master
  • Welding Engineering MSc


  • Applied Nanotechnology MSc
  • Community Water and Sanitation MSc
  • Future Food Sustainability MSc
  • Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs MSc

Information Technology

  • Cyber Defence and Information Assurance MSc
  • Cyber-Secure Manufacturing MSc
  • Cyberspace Operations MSc


  • Air Transport Management
  • Air Transport Management MSc (Executive)
  • Airport Planning and Management (Executive) MSc
  • Airport Planning and Management MSc
  • Defence Acquisition Management MSc
  • Energy Systems and Thermal Processes MSc
  • Environmental Management for Business MSc
  • Environmental Risk Management MSc
  • Environmental Water Management MSc
  • Finance and Management MSc
  • Geographical Information Management MSc
  • Global Product Development and Management MSc
  • Information Capability Management MSc
  • Investment Management MSc
  • Knowledge Management for Innovation MSc
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc (Executive)
  • Management and Corporate Sustainability MSc
  • Management and Entrepreneurship MSc
  • Management and Information Systems MSc
  • Management MSc
  • Manufacturing Consultancy MSc
  • Manufacturing Technology and Management MSc
  • Offshore and Ocean Technology with Risk Management MSc
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management MSc
  • Programme and Project Management (Defence) MSc
  • Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development MSc
  • Security Sector Management MSc
  • Strategic Marketing MSc
  • Technology Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy MSc
  • Waste and Resource Management MSc


  • Defence Leadership MSc
  • Defence Simulation and Modelling MSc
  • Flow Assurance for Oil and Gas Production MSc
  • Guided Weapon Systems MSc
  • International Defence and Security MSc
  • Military Aerospace and Airworthiness MSc
  • Military Operational Research MSc
  • Offshore and Ocean Technology with Offshore Renewable Energy MSc
  • Operations Excellence MSc
  • Safety and Accident Investigation - Air Transport MSc
  • Safety and Human Factors in Aviation MSc


  • Advanced Lightweight Structures and Impact MSc
  • Advanced Materials MSc
  • Aerospace Propulsion option - MSc in Thermal Power
  • Applied Bioinformatics MSc
  • Atmospheric Emission Technology MSc
  • Carbon Capture and Storage MSc
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics MSc
  • Digital Forensics MSc
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Energy from Waste MSc
  • Energy Supply for Low Carbon Futures MSc
  • Environment and Public Policy MSc
  • Environmental Data Science MSc
  • Food Chain Systems MSc
  • Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc
  • Forensic Ballistics MSc
  • Forensic Engineering and Science MSc
  • Forensic Explosive and Explosion Investigation MSc
  • Forensic Investigation MSc
  • Gas Energy MSc
  • Gas Turbine Technology option - MSc in Thermal Power
  • Integrated Landscape Ecology MSc
  • Materials for Energy Systems MSc
  • Renewable Energy Technology MSc
  • Safety and Accident Investigation - Marine Transport MSc
  • Safety and Accident Investigation - Rail Transport MSc
  • Thermal Power MSc
  • Through-life System Sustainment MSc


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UK Education offers independent thinking, give you the freedom to develop your ideas, make discoveries and develop real skills that employers are looking for. UK has produced more than 100 Nobel Prize winners, a testimonial that UK graduates are at the forefront of the creative and research industries  With many renowned ancient Universities such Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, UK is one of the most popular destination for further education for students all over the world.

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